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3 Must Know Camping Food Tips For The Great Outdoors

Camping Food Tips for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Are you tired of packing and carrying around heavy, bulky boxes and cans for your camping food supplies? If so, then I’ve got the perfect solution for your camping, hiking, boating, hunting and outdoor meals.

You may have heard about people who prepare for emergencies and natural disasters by stocking up on all the necessities they think they’ll need, including an emergency food supply.  Many people stock up on high-quality, packaged freeze dried food for their emergency preparedness needs.

What you may not realize is that freeze dried food is also great for the outdoors man to take on hiking adventures, hunting trips, boating excursions and they make wonderful camping meals.

Unless you are only going to eat beef jerky and Vienna sausages during your trip, carrying fresh meats like hamburger, hot dogs and steak can be difficult to keep from spoiling – especially if you are on a hiking trip.

Uncooked meat requires special packaging and a lot of time and planning to keep from spoiling and to keep hungry predators like bears from invading your camp ground.

And lugging around bulky and heavy coolers filled with ice is not always the ideal way to go in many camping situations – especially on deep wilderness excursions and off-road expeditions.

Camping Food Tip: Aluminum Foil is Your Best Friend
If there’s any one item on your camping food shopping list that should be underlined, it would be aluminum foil! Aluminum foil is the ultimate, multipurpose cooking tool that makes camping easy and stress-free. There are many good outdoor uses for aluminum foil:

  • It can be shaped into a funnel, a drinking cup or a makeshift fry pan.
  • Wrapping an ordinary cardboard box in foil transforms it into an outdoor oven.
  • Aluminum foil can be used to cook just about any combination of meats and vegetables together.
  • It can be used as a strainer for meats by poking holes in a sheet of foil.
  • Aluminum foil can also be used as a liner inside of pots and pans to reduce cleanup time.

 Freeze Dried Food: The Perfect Camping Food

Whether you are camping with the family, or on your own expedition, or just becoming one with the wilderness, freeze dried food is great for all kinds of outdoor adventures.

When you’re going hunting or camping packing food takes up a lot of space and can weigh a lot too – especially if you are carrying it in your backpack.  It also takes quite a bit of time to prepare once you are ready to eat.

With freeze dried camping meals all you have to do is add hot water and wait a short amount of time to enjoy a hot and delicious meal.  The space that’s saved from carrying portable freeze dried food allows you to take along other items that you might need during your trip.

These packages are so compact even if you wonder out on your own they fit nicely into your backpack or carry bag.

Freeze dried food is the perfect camping food because it..

  • Is light-weight, compact and easy to carry (very portable)
  • Has a long shelf life (up to 25 years)
  • Quick and easy to prepare (just add water)
  • High quality and nutritious
  • Tastes great
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Affordable and convenient

Long-lasting, packaged foods have been used by the military, campers, hunters, and adventurists for years.  They are the one non perishable food item that every outdoorsmen shouldn’t go without.

Reality Check!
No one wants to go camping and eat only freeze dried & dehydrated food.

There’s nothing quite like cooking hamburgers, hotdogs, bacon and eggs over an open fire. That’s one of the greatest parts of the camping experience and it’s as American as apple pie.

I use freeze dried meals as a part of my camping experience. Let’s face it, after a long day of outdoor activities, you and your family will be exhausted, and the easier your meal is to prepare and cook, the better!

Freeze dried meals are ideal for a quick and tasty hot meal after a long day of exhausting outdoor adventures – and they’re an easy way for hikers on the go to enjoy a hot & tasty meal while exploring.


 More Than 27 Different
Camping Meals To Choose From…

After countless hours of research and product testing, I discovered an outstanding company that offers the highest quality, best tasting, longest lasting camping food that solved all of my outdoor food and emergency food supply needs at the same time.

I have found that Wise Food Storage offers the highest quality freeze dried and dehydrated food on the market today.

Unlike other manufacturers they use the best ingredients and most advanced packaging in their long-lasting meals – because some foods taste better when freeze dried (fruits, vegetables and meats) while other foods taste better dehydrated.

Wise Company knows what works best and as a result you get the best tasting, longest lasting camping meals available.

You’ll find there is a large variety of high quality foods available, including freeze dried meats, vegetables, fruits, and even egg and dairy items.

There are more than 27 different meal entrees available such as:

  • *NEW* Loaded Baked Potato Casserole
  • *NEW* Chicken Flavored Noodle Soup
  • Cheesy Lasagna
  • Chicken Pasta Alfredo
  • Chili Macaroni
  • Savory Beef Stroganoff
  • Hearty Tortilla Soup
  • *NEW* Southwest Beans & Rice
  • *NEW* Potatoes & Chicken Flavored Pot Pies
  • Apple Cinnamon Granola Cereal

and much more…

One of the best things about these great camping meals is that you can get them in single serving pouches or in long and short term kits.

Kits supply a certain number of meals per day, usually 3, and are available in daily, weekly, monthly containers and more.  With all the food you’ll need, conveniently packaged, it’s all the camping food you’ll need when in enjoying the great outdoors.

How To Get the Best Camping Food Available

When you’re planning your next camping, hiking, boating or hunting trip, maybe you should think about using Wise Company freeze dried food.  Just by adding hot water, you can enjoy a delicious and nourishing meal.

Each meal contains all the nutrients you need and provides at least 2000 calories per day when all 3 meals have been eaten.  They are long lasting, portable and taste great.

Here are the best websites I found for all of your camping food needs.

1. Wise Company official website(#1 international seller)

2. Outdoor camping food kits

Wise Food Company products have a long track record of customer satisfaction and have been endorsed by many experts such as the National Geographic Channel (Dooms Day Preppers), The Weather Channel, ABC News, The Outdoor Channel, Fox News, the History Channel and The Military Channel.

The Wise Company is one of the best emergency food storage and outdoor food providers available. They  own all their own recipes and are the sole manufacturer and distributor of their products. So there’s no  need for a middleman which saves you money.

The food tastes great and is healthy as well. Whether you’re looking to buy a few pouches of camping food or you want to invest in a long-term emergency food supply, you won’t go wrong with the high quality service and food from Wise Food Company.

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