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Car First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit in a Car

Get Ready for Disaster Survival!!

Read the next story: Now don’t deny it – the boot of your car is a messy as mine right? Especially if you have a station wagon or UTE .. how easy is it to throw things in the back never to be seen again for another year? We all do it but if you are the exception then this may be even more reason to take some action that I want to put to you.

A couple of years ago, after the guilt trip from the wife and friends I realized the boot was a mess .. sports gear, golf clubs, bits and bobs of no use to anyone except the Salvos’! So one sunny Sunday afternoon I finally had some spare time to get my hands dirty and sort out that mess.

Wow was I in a for a shock and so was the garbage man a few days later! However, cut to the chase, what hit me in the face was that I did not have a Car First Aid Kit in the back of the family car … a car that we all use every day .. long trips short trips .. picnics BBQ’s you name it .. we really do multipurpose use the car for different purposes.

Well you know how when you have a job to do for an hour two two you can really set your mind off thinking about things! This is what I was doing .. and it scared me to think ‘what if’ …what it we had had a serious first aid situation or desperately needed the right First Aid Supplies at the right time?

I basically realised that we had got off scott free all this time .. call it luck .. more like playing Russian roulette me thinks! From that moment on I vowed to always have a Car First Aid Kit permanently in the back of the car. Not simply take it in and out of the house when we went on longer trips .. we all know what would happen there. Yes we get very lazy sometimes and always think we will get around to it.

Well for the last couple of years I can tell you I drive with so much more ease .. knowing that at any time in ‘any’ emergency we have at least some really good First Aid Supplies right at hand to cope with a multitude of scenarios.

We very frequently go camping or away for the weekend to our beach shack .. which at times means we can be a hell of a long way from any assistance.. we like to ‘really’ get away! In fact there has been the odd time when a friendly camper or surfer has needed some plasters or a bandage and it is so rewarding to help someone out .. especially when you are a long way from help.

The Survival First Aid Kit has probably been the best investment I have made for our families safety and protection .. even if we hopefully ‘never’ use it for anything serious I am so thankful that we are always prepared.

What is great about the Survival First Aid Kit is it sooo portable and so compact .. when I emptied those side pockets in the boot heh presto I found the perfect spot to store safely the Car First Aid Kit .. I know where it is and so does everyone in the family.

I even took the time to show the kids exactly what it is and what is inside the kit .. they are old enough now to fully understand how important it is .. and with that increases their awareness of danger which is a good thing in my mind.

So if you have that guilt trip moment when you really should clean out the boot and throw out all of that clutter .. then take that opportunity to permantley include a Car First Aid Kit in the family car .. I guarantee you’ll drive your car with a renewed sense of pride .. even more so than if you’ve just washed the car! And heh you might even just increase the value of your car! It’s all good!

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